DJ Manel Ribera's future statueSince 1989, DJ Manel has been at the forefront of North Carolina’s tremendous underground scene. The state has always been known as a hotbed for musical talent, and with the emergence of an underground dance scene in 1989, Manel (a.k.a. Bill Tanksley) launched what would become an eventful musical career.

Starting locally at WQFS-FM and The Edge nightclub, Manel played to crowds of sweaty youths, pounding happy hardcore and breaks until early morning. The growing scene would lead to further gigs at Greensboro’s legendary Trim Shop, Infiniti, and Paris events. As the scene thrived through the early 1990’s, Manel went on to represent his North Carolina peers at events around the region, and was playing for coliseum-size crowds alongside Rabbit In The Moon, Deee-Lite, Dajae and others.

Today, Manel has rocked crowds from San Francisco to Baltimore, and shows no sign of stopping as he enters his eighth year behind the turntables. His style has progressed to “funky, uplifting energetic bliss”, playing both progressive house and Floridian trip-hop styles. He has received wide attention, including reviews in Urb magazine, which called him both “North Carolina’s favorite DJ” (June ’95) and a DJ with “a bulletproof mix and a fresh supply of hyperactive hits… Manel builds and breaks with no mistakes” (January ’96). Following his latest release, a double-cassette entitled “Girls Pee-Pee When They See Me”, Manel is definitely looking at more traveling and an upcoming record.

This Fall, Bill is hard at work as a DJ, full-time student, and intern for the 1996 Harvey Gantt Senate Campaign (through November 5th). Watch for him throughout the Southeast this season, as well as some California appearances in mid-December.

Well, believe it or not, Manel could be the next Survivor victim…

That’s right, the application and video are in! Now we’ll just wait and see if good ol’ Bill gets banished to a land of no electricity, no sub-woofers, and scantily-clad women!!! We will know something by August 21, and let you know…

Thanks to all who made it out last weekend… Now, I’m asking for your help.

We’re getting ready to add a massive retrospective section of pictures from the 1990’s, and I desperately need PICTURES!
I know they’re out there, so if you can e-mail me a scanned pic, I would greatly appreciate it!

DJ Manel made his first appearance after a lengthy hiatus last Friday.

We had Bill with DJ Sploo (Hoodwink USA), Tim Alan (Bad JuJu, Tampla FL), DJ Sneekee / Roy G. Biv (Club Orion, Hoodwink)
at the N Club downtown. Thanks for coming out!

Sploo had a CD release party, and the tracks are sure to be a smash!

Manel (a.k.a. Manel Ribera) has been spinning since 1989. He currently resides in Greensboro, NC with his cats Chelsea, Athena, and Luna. He regularly plays at Greensboro’s Babylon nightclub and on WQFS 90.9 FM, as well as at nationwide events.

Manel’s mixture of Floridian progressive house and funky trip-hop rhythms have brought him national recognition, and booking offers far as Czechoslovakia. His travels have spanned the entire continent, from San Francisco to Baltimore.

Manel generally spends most of his time traveling the Southeast, spinning his tricks to the nation’s merriest rave children.

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